State-of-the-Art Technology
Clients require state-of-the-art technology with a competitive advantage. Alman Electric can install and maintain a wide variety of advanced systems to meet the growing needs of our clients. From critical applications requiring uninterruptible power to energy management systems to the complex power requirements of computer systems, Alman Electric has the proven expertise that architects and engineers depend on.


Reputation for Excellence
For more than two decades Alman Electric has delivered high quality service while developing an unsurpassed reputation as a well-managed dependable company. The underlying elements contributing to our reputation for excellence are a superior safety record, secure pricing supported by very prudent and proven management practices, an extensive record of on-time performance, and Alman’s noted status as a reliable team player.

Financial Strength
Alman Electric has the bonding capacity and financial strength that will meet or exceed your project’s requirements. Our accounting sysytem and financial records are reviewed annually by an independent accounting firm.

Communication and teamwork are found at the center of every successful project. Alman Electric competes in the marketplace with a well-qualified, experienced and motivated workforce of skilled craftsmen, who are supported by an energetic, well-educated and experienced management team. The result is a combination of employees and managers capable of delivering the Alman Advantage to our customers.

Our clients have come to expect the experience and expertise that we bring to every project by consistently putting together the right team of specialists. Our precision estimating systems, CAD systems, automated cost accounting systems and project management systems are an important element of the Alman Advantage. The Alman Team is supported by these comprehensive integrated systems which enable complete project tracking, including cost, manpower, schedule and materials delivery.


Alman Electric has a competitive advantage in our Safety Program. Our philosophy promotes an atmosphere which protects the lives and health of our employees and others, prevents damage to property, avoids work interruption and encourages a drug-free environment.


The Alman Advantage
These advantages provide our clients the assurance that their projects will not only meet specifications, but also be constructed within budget, on time, and with the highest margin of safety and accountability.

At Alman Electric, your quality concerns are always our first priority. We are committed to working in partnership with clients – to listen to your needs, understand your goals, and then proceed in a cost-effective and efficient manner to ensure that your expectations are met.


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