To provide a “Safety First”
atmosphere that protects the lives
and health of employees and other
persons; prevents damage to
property, materials, supplies, and
equipment; avoids work
interruptions; and encourages a
drug and alcohol-free working

At Alman Electric, our vision for Health and Safety is clear and simple.

We must:

Keep our workers safe on the job.

Ensure that we are good neighbors to the communities in which we do business by complying with environmental laws and regulations.

Address federal, state and local issues cooperatively and completely.

Incorporate this vision into our processes.

There are many reasons for this vision. We want the best people to work at Alman Electric, we want to be a welcome part of the communities where we work, and we recognize that our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. But most importantly, great companies like Alman Electric do the right thing.

Alman Electric has driven the expectation of excellence in Health and Safety performance into the core of our business and operations systems. Our employees and management team set the climate not only by showing visible support for our Safety and Health initiatives and goals, but also by getting personally involved and establishing measurements that insure our performance goals are met. It is a fundamental part of who we are and what we do.

One way we ensure the success of our Health and Safety Programs is to give our people the tools they need to be successful. Alman Electric conducts Safety and Health training to all employees, and maintains this by implementing regular informational meetings to our management team to be passed down to our field employees.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Safety and Health performance and the teams that lead the way in this important area. Health and Safety is and must continue to be a basic value about which there can be no compromise. With the help of every employee, we know that will be the case.


At Alman Electric, compliance means not only a commitment to do what is required by environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws and regulations in the communities where Alman operates, but also providing the tools and training to ensure we adhere to federal, state, and local objectives for EHS performance.

Alman Electric has operations in many areas around the DFW metroplex. We require our management team to be fully knowledgeable about the regulations in each locale. We also supply our own stringent Safety and Health standards to ensure Safety and Health performance is maintained everywhere we do business.

We require our project managers to have a solid system in place to identify potential non-compliance issues and to act with speed to correct them.

Alman Electric’s Health and Safety Program, consisting of 24 elements including topics such as job safety analysis, employee involvement, accident investigation and hazard communications, must be implemented for every contract, no matter the size.

We have found that the more vigilant we are at finding potential non-compliance and improving processes, the better our overall safety performance.